Synsepalum Dulcificum Daniell

Synsepalum Dulcificum Daniell

TIME:May 31, 2018
The mysterious fruit tropical evergreen shrub is native to West Africa, Garner and Congo. In the 1960s, when Premier Zhou Enlai visited West Africa, the Republic of Ghana presented the mysterious fruit to Premier Zhou as a national gift.
Mysterious fruit is a precious national plant. It is protected and banned from export in West Africa and China. The pulp of mysterious fruit is sour and astringent, but it contains mysterious fruit protein. After eating mysterious fruit for two hours, and then eating other acidic fruit, you will feel that the sour fruit is no longer sour, but sweet, so it is called mysterious fruit.

Because the fruit contains special carbohydrate protein, the fruit with high acidity can be transformed into the sweetness of Qiong Yu Lu. Changsheng eating ripe fruit or concentrated ingot has the effect of regulating hyperglycemia, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, gout, uric acid, headache and so on, reaching the normal value of stability. Fruit juice applied to mosquito bites can reduce inflammation and detumescence. Mysterious fruit can reduce blood lipid and blood pressure. It can also promote metabolism and alleviate headache for people with three high diseases.
Seeds can solve angina pectoris, sore throat, hemorrhoids and so on. Leaf tea or cooking can regulate hyperglycemia, hypertension, protect the heart, beauty, thin body, detoxification and defecation, control uric acid, alleviate gout syndrome, and can dispel alcohol. Mysterious fruit seeds are also medicinal, can protect the heart detoxification effect, for beauty and beauty effect.

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